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About Us

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European senior Care has been started by Simon and Marina in the late 1990’s. They came to the USA around 1990. Marina came to Seattle with a medical college degree out of St. Petersburg Russia and Simon came to Seattle with a college degree in mechanical engineering from Prague, Czech Republic. They both worked in different companies at the beginning to improve their English and familiarize themselves with the local US North West lifestyle and customs. After several years of an employee experience they started to “experiment” in the world of enterprise. After several reasonably successful companies (ethnic bakery, international trade company etc.) they made a great decision. To start a senior care company.
When they put together Marina’s medical knowledge and Simon’s technical plus business experience a winning team was born.
Caring for the seniors is our second nature. It is a part of our believe system, and deeply engrained in our own culture. Detail oriented tasteful design of our Adult Family Homes and also a custom designed care for each of our residents is our trade mark.
Our almost 15 years of successful work is based on a good team work with our caregivers and other professionals caring for the seniors. Our low turn around among the caregivers is rather a positive exception in the senior care communities. The main reason is the fact, that we respect every caregiver for his or her abilities, allow our caregivers to apply their creativity and knowledge and give them a strong support in the work. The fact that Simon and Marina worked for the first year with no outside help, just two of us, is also very helpful.
As the saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child”, it is not much different with the senior people. We do have our “village” to care for our Seniors. Our “village” consist of our 10 caregivers, 2 managers, 2 visiting nurses, podiatrist, speech, physical and occupational therapist, dental hygienist, beautician, yearlong gardener, maintenance person, several visiting musicians with an annual contract etc.
We hope you can see, that we take our work very seriously and we are proud to provide a safe, pleasant and uplifting environment for the Senior Citizens of our Seattle community.

Where to Find Us?
Office & Facility Locations:
Andover Home
4002 46th Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98116
Phone: 206-932-6960

Charlestown Home
3716 55th Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98116
Phone: 206-932-2085

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