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Welcome to European Senior Care

We all know that taking good care of the senior members of the family requires patience, hard work, and dedication. There are things that they can no longer do on their own, so you have to be understanding and even-tempered. Handling them with quality care requires a sufficient amount of time, which we know is hard to cover considering our busy schedule.

content imageEuropean Senior Care is the best alternative for an elderly person. We give importance and priority to our residents as much as how you give them importance too by supplying them with sufficient quality care and supervision. Our Carehome is exceptional and is one of the best in the state with friendly high-caliber staffs employed who will adjust care to every residents demand.

Finding the right help for someone you love can be a difficult decision and trusting them to others is not an easy job at all. With European Senior Care, we take the worries away from you. We are ascertained in giving your loved ones a family home atmosphere.

To find out more with our company and services, call (206) 931-3997.

What We Provide
  • Peace of Mind
    • 24 Hours assistance in our Home like environment
    • Our Experienced and caring professional staff in a loving and safe surroundings.
    • Care giving with highest degree of sensitivity.
  • Our Customized Care
    • Dementia Care
    • Mental Heath and Depression care
    • Diabetes and High Blood pressure monitoring and assistance
    • Regularly updated assessments and plans of care
    • Visiting podiatrist
    • Nurse delegated tasks
    • Visiting dental hygienist
    • Visiting beautician
    • Continuous resident health monitoring.
    • Nutritious and resident-preferred home cooked meals.
“Thank you for entrusting European Senior Care with your loved ones. We promise that, as healthcare professionals, we will provide them with the utmost comfort and care.”- Simon Simunek (President, Owner, and General Manager of European Senior Care)
Where to Find Us?
Office & Facility Locations:
Andover Home
4002 46th Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98116
Phone: 206-932-6960

Charlestown Home
3716 55th Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98116
Phone: 206-932-2085

Contact Manager
Mobile: 206-931-3997
Fax:     206-932-5767
Email: europeanseniorcare@gmail.com